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"This is my love affair with life. My life teaches me that only when I myself am willing to take care of Ute, while I am with another person, can I offer all of me. Then my giving is receiving and my receiving becomes giving and I feel that I am in an unconditional circle which I have called Unergi
-- Unity & Energy --
To communicate with people in this way is to experience grace."

            - Ute Arnold

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Hello Friends,

This is for YOU if you would like to offer a free 2-3 hour
Body-Psychotherapy demonstration
and mini workhosp by Ute in your home
All to educate the wider public of a Holistic Therapy method that works:

  • quickly, powerfully and deeply
  • taking the person gently to their deepest core issues
  • integrating pysical and emotional symptoms simultaneously
  • teaching HOW body, mind and emotions are truly connected
  • that your body knows the truth of your symptoms and will tell you if you know HOW to listen
  • HOW to access a deeper source of healing that no one else can access but YOU!

As well as some interactive group play based on Ute's "Self-Healing Global Village" game, that will enliven our interactions and deepen communication skills.

Bonus for the host:
A complimentary private Unergi Body-Psychotherapy session with Ute.

What is Unergi?

Listen to the following interview on BlogTalkRadio of Ute explaining what Unergi is:

Ute Arnold , UNERGI Body-Psychotherapist, invites you to a UNERGI Body-Psychotherapy Study/Training Group and/or a private session with Ute at her home office in Pt. Pleasant, PA (see private sessions for other locations). These Body-Psychotherapy sessions are covered by most major insurance companies.

Unergi Body-Psychotherapy is a Holistic Therapy method created by Ute Arnold. She developed the Unergi Method by integrating touch with the Alexander Technique, talk in the form of Gestalt Therapy, Unergi Core-Support Movement based on the Feldenkrais Technique™ with creativity and the Healing Forces of Nature.

Unergi creates Emotional and Sensory Intelligence, simultaneously releasing deeply buried memories and building Core Support.

The Unergi Body-Psychotherapist skillfully listens to and amplifies the voices of the body through touch, talk and gentle psycho-physical movements.

Any interference that resides in your personal history -- may it be of physical or emotional suffering -- safely transforms into freedom of natural creative expression and action. Relationships with self and others move toward insight and balance.

Ute also offers private sessions at her home office in Pt. Pleasant, PA, and in Lambertville and Princeton, NJ.